Bono Urban Projects

Bono Urban Projects is a dynamic organisation that was established by Mrs Ndadza & Mrs Pillay with a passion for service excellence. 

BUP is a level 1 BBBEE & Women owned entity focused on general building maintenance and repairs. Strengths including corporate, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. 

BUP Services the Gauteng region with national aspirations. BUP has a network of organisations that from time to time collaborate with in order to provide comprehensive and value-added services to its clients.


Our Services

Tenant Installations

▪ Drywall and ceiling installations
▪ Carpets and tiles.
▪ Shopfitting and designs
▪ Painting

Plumbing Services

▪ Installations, repairs and maintenance of general plumbing services


▪ Installation, repairs and maintenance
▪ DB Supply and installation
▪ Compliance Certificates


▪ Sanitation and decontamination to the food industry
▪ Warehouses sterilization
▪ Offices sterilization
▪ Vehicle sanitation and decontamination
▪ Contract cleaning


▪ Application of the Torch-on, Acrylic & Liquid Injection systems
▪ Products utilised form part of our guarantee backed by our suppliers

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Our Agenda


A growing entity, upholding the professional standards and best practice and maintaining long-term working relationship with our clients.


Employing the best available technologies, methodologies and intellectual capital resources, we strive to provide excellent service, supported by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, developing and maintaining noncompromising reputation and image.


To play role in empowering women in the built environment industry. To promote the economic growth of South Africa. To create sustainable jobs for the unemployed people in each area. To capacitance employees with business skills. To work jointly with community forums. To render excellent and world class service to our clients.

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